Flashback Friday! Dough Boy and Stones

Hungry for a biscuit? Remember the ones that mom used to make? That savory, luscious smell of fresh baked rolls wafting out from the oven as you waited in hungry anticipation, your mouth watering as you wait. Well folks, 50 years ago today a gastronomical tradition began in many a household. March 18th, 1961 saw the introduction of the Poppin’ Fresh Pillsbury Doughboy, that iconic symbol of biscuitry everywhere. Poke that stomach, hear that giggle, open your mouth and in goes….sorry, I couldn’t find a word to rhyme with biscuit!

Now, while the Dough Boy kept us all in good humor as we ate, the Rolling Stones had something else in mind on March 18th, 1965 as they were fined 5 pounds for public urination. Maybe that’s why Jagger bounces all over the stage when he performs, hmmmmmmmm. Either way, on that day Jagger, Bill Wyman and Brian Jones tried to use the toilet at a gas station in West Ham, England but were turned away. When you gotta go, you gotta go. And went they did. Busted! But really, what’s 5 pounds to relieve your bladder?

So, on this day in history, we got biscuits and we got…well, relief. What do you have? Tell us about it in our forums here!

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