Glenn Beck & FOX News Parting Ways

As we reported previously, there were rumors swirling about the Glenn Beck and Fox News relationship breaking up. It began with sources (NYT said they were Fox News producers) telling the New York Times that they were looking to cancel his show (many didn’t believe it, calling anyone who reported the NYT News as a liberal bias news source, including us!), then news turned into Beck leaving on his own accord about a week or two later, which is what the Beck fans were more than happy to point out to us when that news broke. Whatever the circumstances, the relationship break has become official, with Beck stating that he will be slowly “transitioning” off his show on Fox to pursue other projects on his own.

It seems the relationship between the two had gotten a bit precarious recently anyway. His ratings were still up, but had been steadily falling over the last year. Many advertisers had pulled their sponsorship, stating they did not want to be associated with the gloom and doom of Beck, leaving him with mainly Gold sellers and the like as far as sponsors go. On the other hand, Beck himself felt confined in his role on Fox, wanting to branch out to pursue Documentaries, focus more on his radio show, and maybe even start his own network.

So the break was pretty natural it seems, on both ends, and may just benefit them both.  In a mutual statement put out by Beck and Fox, they added that Beck and Fox may pursue special projects together in the future.

** Disclaimer: We here at the Yak just report it as the news breaks folks. If it’s a News story about a TV show, whether it comes from what you believe to be right or left leaning, it’s still News. We often put in our sources as well. We leave it up to the reader to make up their own mind about the breaking stories and news, and will continue to do so, rather than tell people what to think. Sure, we let our writers put in some of their own opinions and commentary, but regardless, the news story is what leads. We apologize if the News itself is not what you would like to hear, or is somehow in conflict with your opinion. We welcome opinions from all over the spectrum, either below in the comments, or in the Forum where we discuss all the shows regularly.

Are you a Glenn Beck fan? Sad to see him go from Fox? Do you think the break was mutual? Is Beck really leaving on his own accord, or was he pushed out by FOX behind the scenes? We are talking about it in the FORUM!

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