Grammy Rehearsals: Day Two

Day one of rehearsals are now behind us, time to move into day two! Here are the updates!

This morning, and just finishing up, we had Rihanna rehearsing her act with Drake. Looks like they will have some sort of “Caveman” theme going on today, with a campfire in the middle of the stage. They have a lot of sexy dancers up there on stage with them, all wearing some pretty skimpy clothes. The choreography was terrific! I have no idea how this coincides with the theme, but there was a big clown wig thing going on today. Maybe just hoping to be incognito? Who knows. (Itsy Bitsy video clip included at the bottom. I know, I need a new phone!)

Coming up next, scheduled at 1:00p, Bruno Mars is in the house! We will update you as we get further along.

Scheduled for 6pm., Cee Lo Green is schedules to rehearse, followed by Katy Perry at 8pm. (All times Pacific.) Stay tuned to the Yak for more updates!  Hopefully I can get some better video as well. Rehearsals are being held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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