Netflix: N8107-154-5006 Back to One Stream at a Time

[singlepic id=720 w=320 h=240 float=left] You may remember back in September, many Netflix members were complaining about a new error code they were receiving, N8107-154-5006, which apparently is the error code for too many streams running at a time. (Which for subscribers of the “unlimited” streaming plan, says 1.) I say apparently because to put that code into help, you get no answer other than them telling you that you must have entered the code incorrectly. Back in September, amidst a customer uproar, Netflix responded that it was a mistake, that they do allow concurrent streams, and it was just an error on their part.

Not anymore.

Netflix in the last couple days has now decided the one single stream at the $7.99 price was a good idea. I had been receiving the error for the last two nights, and decided to call them up and ask if it’s an error again. A very nice gentleman named Thomas at their customer service desk tells me no, that the limit is now one stream at a time. I asked if there was another streaming plan that I could upgrade to that would allow me to have streaming on 2 or 3 devices at a time and was told that they do not have that option, however if I wanted to add a DVD plan, I could get more streams. Hence 2 DVDs at a time would give me two streams. 3 DVDs out, 3 streams… you get the picture.

Really Netflix? Is this a wise decision on your part? I personally think not. Type in Netflix in Google News and all you see nowadays is “Netflix drops in Customer satisfaction” and “Netflix paying for it’s mistakes” and “Netflix losing customers” and so on. So… were they sitting in the board room thinking “Hey, I know! Let’s limit the streams our customers get! That ought to raise the satisfaction levels!” Or were they thinking this move might get people back to pay their DVD subscriptions, just to get more streams? I have no idea what exactly they were thinking, but it seems they were more likely NOT thinking. Hey, maybe the CEO just doesn’t want the hassles of the daily grind anymore and is ready to run the business into the ground. Who knows. Maybe he is being bought off by the big boys to kill his own creation.

Whatever the case may be, doubling the price for the streaming/DVD plan, separating the streaming and DVD service, changing their mind on that separation, then limiting the streaming to one stream at a time pretty much killed it for me. Amazon has many of the same movies on their Prime Membership already, so I guess Netflix can do without my $7.99 per month.

What do you think about the new “One stream at a time” service? For those of you on just the streaming plan, will you keep Netflix?

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know they limited the number of streams you
    could have going. What good is it to have it available on so many devices and
    you can only use one at a time? That is unless you shell out to get a multi
    disk plan. From their moves over the past year it would seem they don’t want
    customers to do the disk rental anymore. Why then would they force you to have
    the disk plans in order to have more streaming choices? It doesn’t make sense
    and I will not be going back. I already have the Blockbuster Movie Pass. For $10 per month I get stream, DVDs, Blu-rays and video
    games with my DISH service. As an employee I have to pay for the service but I
    know customers can qualify for up to a year of the Blockbuster Movie
    Pass free!

  2. Add $1 per extra device … OK I can see that.

    Needing a disk plan that they don’t really want to service anyway.


    I will be gone as soon as my free month is over.

  3. i am so frustrated with netflix right now because I too just got this error code. I am certainly not upgrading my plan because this service is trash…there is no way people are going to put up with this abuse and i see 1,000 of subscriptions being dropped in the coming months if netflix does not fix their act.

  4. Since when? I haven’t had this problem on my account in the past, but just today I got the error. ???

  5. It seems like the are rolling it out little by little in hopes of staving off an uproar. When I talked to customer service though, he told me the same, that we are limited to one at a time… however sometimes it happens to me, and sometimes not. Most of the time I can get 2. It will never let 3 go at the same time.

  6. this is bullshit. me and my children should be able to watch netflix in our own rooms. they could least limit it to 2. i dont even want to pay 8 dollars anymore. this is rediculous !!! i bought netflix so me and my children can enjoy. not one at a time. they dont wanna watch what i watch. i dont wanna watch what they watch, smart move -_____- NOT !!!

  7. No I will not keep netflix next month!!!  If I’m on my computer and my girl wants to watch something different on the iPad, why shouldn’t she be able.   Ill stick to Blockbuster stream.  or Ill try the Amazon thingy you’re talking about

  8. this is hell!i was gonna watch a movie until this nasty bullshit showed up! man i wished there could be more than fuckin 1 or 2!! shit this asshole thing!!

  9. Wow.  I was wondering how I could get three streaming movies at once.  Maybe I should be thankful for the two I have. My wife and I have 6 kids.  Do you think we always want to watch the same thing?

  10. This is crap.  Its one issue after another with Netflix screwing the customers.  One stream at a time is not the answer Netflix!!

  11. At first, I was a huge advocate of Netflix and their
    service, “How awesome it was to be able to play movies on my computer, Xbox 360
    and my tablets.  I even had movie parties
    at my house.  I have been with them since
    the spring of 2009.  I started with 1 DVD
    and streaming, then they said that they were going to change their plans, I
    staid with the streaming option, and then I started to notice that they were
    posting more TV Shows than movies.


    At this point, I am starting to get tired of their changes
    and now the poor selection of movies, if I want to watch TV shows, I’ll sit in
    the couch and watch them when their own. 
    I got Netflix for the movies, not TV Shows.


    Now, I see that they are adding some movies that were not
    there before and what do I get the same error. 
    Now, would they give me a good reason not to disconnect my service and
    look for someone else, since now, Microsoft Xbox Live service gives me access
    to other streaming options.


    Since the changes, I have been telling anyone who asks me
    about the service and what I tell them is “You are better off going to the
    store now and rent the movie you want to watch for $1.00 then to wait for them
    to put it on their service” and with this move from them.  My comment would be, “Netflix, yea right,
    save the $8.00 and rent 8 movies during the whole month to watch.”

  12. At first, I thought that netflx was really good to have because it was only 8 bucks a month and the movies were free anytime anywhere… but ever since i downloaded the app on my mom’s htc, it kept saying that im logged in on too many devices!? stupid netflix thats why nobody like you!

  13. I just had this hit me today. From reading the comments, it appears that Netflix is rolling this out slowly to avoid an uproar. The problem is that I have several devices in my home that are connected to individual TVs using ROKU boxes.

    I can see how Netflix would want to control the number of streams because each concurrent stream costs more money in server band-width. And too many streams on the same account does not help to support the increased level of band-width to support the additional streams.

    However, Netflix should offer a plan where each subscriber can pay for the additional connections. The breaks should be at 2, 3, 5, 10 and each level should be set at a higher fee, however, the pricing should be set at a curve so that it’s less expensive to purchase 10 connections then to purchase 2.

    doing this would require software modification for both the web site and the streaming server.

    Netflix should not limit the number of concurrent connections to any single subscriber until the company is ready to offer multi-connection streaming services.

    Therefore, I believe that Netflix has made a bad move here.

  14. netflix sux now i have 2 computers 3 laptops 1 tablet and we all want ti watch a movie differently but no only one at a time BULLSHIT good think im not paying tho if not i would of stopped its my brothers mom doing it so hey i cant complain that much but for the ppl with kids i feel bad cuz i know kids want to watch cartoons and adults scary movies or action ect. so i think netflix should let us watch in other devices not only 1

  15. I have had netflix about 6 years and this is the first time I have ever got the message. I just ended my 6 year run by cancellation.

    I have a teenager and if she can’t watch a mushy movie while I watch something else in the same house like we have for 6 years then they don’t need my money.

  16. Just got this message tonight. First time ever. If this is what is going on…. bad bad move Netflix. I hope you come to your senses soon.

  17. This is total crap. What I mind the most is that I know people who are still able to stream on multiple devices at once but I keep getting the error until I make my kids stop watching so only I am streaming. I would even pay more for the family streaming option if they offered one, but I’m not getting dvds just to be able to stream. Time to find another streaming site

  18. Great article. this is bullshit by netflix. i am cancelling my subscription with netflix. those cocksukers can go to hell. i am taking my business somewhere else. i advice everyone else to do the same.

  19. this is crap. I have had netflix for a while now. I want to be able to watch what I want to watch and let my family watch there crap. Suck it netflix.

  20. Two Questions:
    1. What was wrong with the way it used to be that they had to change it from viewing multiple streams to “streaming only on one device at a time” per account?
    2: How does this improve the companys customer base relationship. In other words, how is doing it this way better for everyone?
    Very bad move for what used to be a great company. Their stock just went way down, just like their customer base.

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