Op-Ed: Big Brother 14’s Shane and Danielle Fans Have Twitter Users Suspended

If you’re a Big Brother 14 fan (like this very writer) who has recently received the below letter from Twitter, you may have fallen victim to a crusade by the fans of Danielle Murphee and Shane Meaney.


This account was suspended for sending multiple unsolicited messages using the @reply and/or mention feature. These features are intended to make communication between people on Twitter easier.

Twitter monitors the use of these features to make sure they are used as intended and not for abuse. Using either feature to post messages to a bunch of users in an unsolicited or egregious manner is considered an abuse of its use, which results in account suspension.

For more information about these features, please visit our @Replies and Mentions help page:  http://support.twitter.com/articles/14023

Based on tweets (see below), it appears that Danielle and Shane’s fans are leaping to their rescue by reporting Twitter users who not only directly tweet negative comments to Shane and Danielle, but also users who make negative comments about the Big Brother 14 couple in general.

@AndrewWang26@Shanielle_Army@ShanilleFan and  @ShaneDaniMeaney appear to be the biggest culprits searching out anyone and everyone on Twitter who make negative comments, once found not only do they block the person and report them to Twitter for the alleged abuse, but they also notify one another to block and report the Tweeter to Twitter as well.  Depending on how old the Twitter account is, it only takes a few blocks and reports to have an account suspended.



As you can see from the screen-cap below of an expanded conversation it appears that @Shanielle_Army is deleting tweets, tweets that were there minutes ago are now gone.


In fairness they claim to only be reporting those accounts that were specifically created to harass and terrorize Shane and Danielle, this I agree with one hundred percent.  However, the person who brought this to my attention has been on twitter since February 2010 and their tweets about Danielle and Shane were between them and another user, neither Shane nor Danielle were tagged in the tweets.  In my humble opinion, it’s one thing to report those newly created accounts and another thing to report users who have obviously been around for sometime.  Reporting seasoned Tweeters and having their accounts shutdown because you don’t like what they have to say is infringing on their rights to free speech and that I disagree with.

Once you’ve contacted Twitter and promised to be a good boy or girl you should receive the following e-mail:


I have now un-suspended your account.  Please note that it may take an hour or so for your follower and following numbers to return to normal.

Be sure to review the Twitter Rules, as repeat violations may result in permanent suspension:  http://twitter.com/rules

This is what I have to say to the people of Twitter – once the season of your favorite reality show is over, the participants are off limits.  Allow them to fade away into the darkness; by continuing to spew your dislike for them you’re only expanding their 15 minutes of fame.

What are your thoughts on the matter? We wanna hear your opinions? Sound off below!

15 Replies to “Op-Ed: Big Brother 14’s Shane and Danielle Fans Have Twitter Users Suspended”

  1. I don’t understand this rabid hate for the truth being used by these so-called fans of Shane and Danielle. People formed opinions of Shane and Danielle based on the live feeds. For anyone to deny that certain things were said smacks of delusional denial.

  2. Not only were they formed based on video from feeds, the feeds have been recorded and posted on YouTube. I have no idea how her fans can continue to support her- maybe they haven’t seen the videos and refuse to believe the quoted lies.

  3. I really don’t care whether someone liked Danielle and Shane or not. This is all very stupid. If Danielle and Shane have a problem with someone on Twitter, they should handle it themselves. Why do people feel the need to do that for them? Makes no sense. And if Shane or Danielle have any issues, they should go talk to Shelly and see how she handled it. She would definitely know lol

  4. These accounts were created very recently and are being used to harass people who choose to express their opinions about public figures. These are dummy accounts and should be suspended for that very reason. One of these gems tweeted me that she would come knocking at my door. I did not tweet her and have never attempted to contact her. These people are a menace. Twitter should also suspend accounts that make excessive spam reports.

  5. I am a fan of the show. What I did learn quickly after BB12 was after all is said an done, the contestants let it go and move on (well, the majority of them). When they get together at gigs, they are truly brethren. I do agree that rehashing it from all sides only turns the whole thing into a round robin while also giving trolls a place to create havoc.

  6. Dani and Shane bring this on themselves. She is still lying and her and Shane are two Bitter Betty’s. They should shut their mouths and fade off into the sunset. I believe that the Army and others loving fans are Shane’s sister and friends.

  7. Someone brought up Shelley’s name. Shelley has done her mea culpas for some of her lies on BB. I respected her for that and it totally changed my mind about her. Dani should just own it and move on. Shane should get off of “Dan stole my money” train and act like a man.

  8. See but I think they have faded into the sunset. Other than ONE radio show (that I know of) they haven’t really been doing much. You can’t ask them to stop tweeting or living life because of fools who want to just sit and push them around.

    As for Dani’s comments and truth vs. lie, I won’t comment much on it. I personally didn’t watch much of the feeds, if at all – other than what I read as updates here at the Yak.

  9. They had my acct suspended because I dared ask Danielle if she’d gain weight during her stay in the house? I also asked Shane that question, but it wasn’t until I’d ask Dani that my acct was suspended. BTW-I asked that because Jessie had shown up in the house and had given them all healthy foods. So i was wondering if production thought they needed it or was it just something funny….Wow. I feel as if I’d done something bad and really didn’t mean any harm.

  10. I read some things at a couple of sites and warned some of my fellow BB peeps to look out cuz the fans are now baiting people who for most part moved on.So now not only are they reporting them they are taking old post&stirring up touble to get people in trouble It is very crazy now.
    Any negative comment even if its not a personal remark about Shane and Danielle they consider bulling which is outrageous,feedback&asking questions about their gameplay seems to be off limits in open forum interviews
    Very dissappointed in Superpass for asking them to go there for interviews Not cuz they are unpopular for most part but for the fact Shane has said in open hating himself on live feeders which is superpass viewers
    Also funny that Shane&Danielle in these interviews continue to give negative comments themselves about their fellow guest&fans but how dare anybody say anything negative to them
    Also funny how they even gave Spicy crap about saying cray cray & she wasnt even talking about them Cray Cray is a popular term used by many these days and has been said long before these 2 ever stepped into bb house
    I would like to see live feeders boycott the days Shane&Danielle are at Superpass not because they dont like them but for simple fact of things Shane said about live feeders but know it will be hard not to watch these 2 and their piss poor attitudes

  11. The rehashing of it all would stop if the interviews and blogradios wouldnt prolong having the bb guests do their shows etc.I think its funny for the most part but burns my butt when certain guest(Mainly Shane&Danielle)t get a attitude about ?? they are asked about what they did in game.Any rational person would know they would get tough questions as well .They seem to have attitude that if your not saying how much you loved them then you are hater and need to get a life.

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