‘Survivor:’ The Yak Chats with Stacey and A Surprise Guest

Hey Survivor fans! YakkityYaks got a pleasant surprise when interviewing Stacey Powell, our latest Survivor castoff. Jeff Probst decided to stop by for a chat and a TOUT! Jeff was riddled with questions regarding the last episodes “pulled pork” challenge as well as his observations and opinions on several survivors from this season.

Jeff said that initially the “challenge guys,” the people who set up the challenges, had left the pigs fully intact on the spit. They included the head, the feet, the tails, every part of the pig. Jeff said considering that this was going to be viewed at 8:00 p.m. he thought it was just too disturbing and he couldn’t approve it. He said after they trimmed the pigs, they slapped some BBQ sauce on them and put cameras inside the baskets for a more graphic view. He said that fan response to this challenge was HUGE!

The Yak: Jeff, at the end of the challenge Ozzy had the entire pig in his mouth. Do you think this resulted in his jaw being dislocated?”

Jeff Probst: Absolutely! In fact, Ozzy made a case to the producers that he had the entire pig in his mouth when time was called, he wanted to know why he wasn’t allowed to place the entire pig in the basket. I don’t know why, it was just a production call.”

Jeff described Ozzy as an amazing player, fantastic in challenges but lacking the social awareness that is needed in his camp to keep tabs on what is really going on. Jeff said that Boston Rob, who stopped by last night, said you can think you are NOT going home, but you can never let them see that you think you might. It’s all about awareness, who’s talking to who, etc. Jeff said that Boston Rob was one of few people from Survivor that he considers a close friend.

Jeff was asked why Cochrane is still in the game. Jeff replied “Because he hasn’t been voted out. Not a lippy answer but that’s the game right there. He’s withstood the storm so far.” Jeff went on to describe Cochrane as someone who, with his albino legs and weak physical appearance, could make a compelling argument in the end to win Survivor.

Jeff talked about Stacey and said that it is extremely difficult to be a minority in Survivor. He said that Stacey has an amazing personality and that her redemption island speech alone was not in any way scripted. He said if that had been turned in as an audition tape she would have been cast immediately. Jeff loved her character, said she was incredibly aware of what was going on and she knew too much. Therefore her tribe had to vote her out. He said that Stacey and Semhar just didn’t fit in. He said Survivor can become homogenized and it’s difficult when you have nothing in common with others. He did say that he could see no one other than Semhar to be the first voted from her tribe. He said that Stacey is definitely one of a kind. We got the impression that Stacey may someday be asked back on Survivor.

Jeff answered questions regarding his own observations and ratings of the players. Jeff said that his initial impressions of the Survivors are just about as accurate as anyone else’s. He said he doesn’t have a better intuition than the normal fan of who is going to win.

Jeff then asked if anyone is interested in the new social media experiment – Tout. Jeff said that the interview was being “touted.” Touting is similar to tweeting, however it is in video format. You can take a 15 second video and post it or MSN to others, etc. Jeff is interested in all social media and is experimenting with Tout. The Yak was able to go to Jeff’s tout and watch the interview after it occurred!

Thank you Jeff Probst for the surprise interview! Your time is appreciated!

Interview with Stacey Powell

Stacey is a 44 year old mortician from Texas. She lost the Redemption Island duel to her friend Christine.

Q: Stacey, how glad were you that you didn’t have to compete in the pig challenge?

Stacey: I’m a southern girl and and I love me some pork! I would have eaten that pig and loved it!

Q: Stacey, why did Coach rub you the wrong way?

Stacey: Benjamin? You mean Benjamin? He came in to our tribe and played his little games and told his little stories and I wasn’t buying any of it. In the meantime he was controlling, lazy and greedy. He’d go on and on about his loyalty trip and I just got tired of listening to him while the others just ate it up and idolized him. The younger group held on to his every word. Edna was like a child around him hanging on to his coattails. He didn’t want anyone wandering off looking for the immunity idol; he watched everybody. When he wanted to look for the immunity idol everyone just let him wander off by himself because he said he was meditating. No, I never meditated with Benjamin!

Q: Stacey how did you feel about Brandon, and do you think he should have disclosed his relation to Russell Hantz earlier in the game?

Stacey: Brandon was OK. I didn’t think that Brandon had to disclose his relation to Russell at all. Brandon was not playing for Russell he’s playing for himself. He was ok, I didn’t have any problems with Brandon.

Q: How was Redemption Island with Christine?

Stacey: Oh, it was girl’s night out! We drank coconut juice and water and just talked and talked. She’s just a wonderful, caring person and I want her to win the game.

Q: When you watched the episode that depicted you walking right by the idol clue what did you think?

Stacey: Oh I was so mad I just about killed myself! I was right there and I missed it!!

The Yak: Stacey, if you had the opportunity to do Survivor again would you and if so, would you change your strategy?

Stacey: I’d be back like the roadrunner! Yes, I’d love to do Survivor again. I would definitely change my social game. I would play so differently inside the game.

The Yak: Stacey, you did so well in the weight challenge. Was survivor harder or easier, the same or different than you imagined?

Stacey: I can survive. The conditions are harsh, but I had no problem with that. It was so different than I imagined. I had no idea the social game would be so difficult. I met Christine and we hit it off and I didn’t really think far enough ahead to making alliances, etc. Benjamin immediately started the game playing and social workings. To see it on TV is one thing, being there is so much more difficult.

Q: How did you come to apply for survivor.

Stacey: I wasn’t really a big Survivor fan. I watched a few seasons. We had open casting here and I decided to apply I said “I’m gonna do this!”

Stacey was great fun to talk with as she has an exhuberant personality and a great sense of humor. She, like other ex-survivors, says it was a profound, exciting experience for her that taught her many lessons that she carries on throughout her daily life. When the Yak told her that she was one of the best “eye-rollers” ever, she laughed and said “Wait until I start my finger pointing!!” She thinks her expressiveness is why she was selected to compete on Survivor. That and telling it like it is. She certainly, like Jeff said, is one of a kind.

Thank you Stacey! Best of luck to you!

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