‘SYTYCD:’ Mia Michaels OUT, Mary Murphy IN

We have another change at the judge’s table next summer for So You Think You Can Dance. After joining the judge’s panel for one season, Mia Michaels is out and will not be retuning to the show. In a statement she released, she said that she wants to focus on her own world. (Editor’s note: Wasn’t she always concerned with Mia’s world??). Mia does make a point to state that the decision was her decision and not Lythgoe or any show runner. “Last year when I was sitting on the panel, I knew it wasn’t the right fit because I felt too glossy sitting on the panel. People were so focused on what I wore and my hair. I wanted to get dirty and back to the work. I am an artist and I’m a visionary. I need to paint my world now and not be constantly linked to So You Think You Can Dance. It’s been a great platform,” Michaels says. “It was a wonderful platform. I’m staring at [my] two Emmys right now. It was an amazing, amazing thing for me but I feel like I have to fly. I have to now focus on Mia’s world.” Well, and focus on Mia’s world she will do. She has an upcoming Bravo reality show, will be writing her own memoir, and is developing her own Broadway show.

Who will be replacing her? According to Mia, she’s heard that Mary Murphy will be back to the table placing claim to her chair and bringing us back her hot tamale train. SYTYCD will return next summer for the latest installment. So Yakkster’s what do you think about the news? Excited? Bummed? Let us know below and join our FORUMS to discuss!

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