Big Brother 14: The Yak Chats with Mike “Boogie” Malin

Last night’s eviction of Mike “Boogie” Malin was one of those evenings on Big Brother where it polarized fans – either you were happy to see him leave or you were upset that he missed his chance to defend his title. There’s usually very little feeling in between about the Season 7 winner. Boogie is aware of the impression that he leaves on the viewers, and took some time to sit down with YakkityYaks today to talk about his thoughts on who’s an idiot, if he regrets taking any money during the competitions and, of course, the mastermind himself, Ian.

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OK, so I must know…now that you’ve had time to process Ian being the one behind your eviction, what are your thoughts?
Mike “Boogie”: I’m impressed. I thought Ian was just a super fan; a young kid who was happy to be there. I gave him very little credit as far as game play, and I was 100% completely fooled. I salute him; I tip my cap to him; I love him still the same. It sent chills down my spine. I had no idea.

Several times, you and Frank had conversations about if there was a chance that Ian was betraying you. You even mentioned that it would be a great play of his. Do you still feel that way?
Mike “Boogie”: I’m glad the way this went down. If I was evicted simply because Joe was too much of an idiot to join us, and I lost [by a vote of] 4-3 because of that, I would have been bitter. This way, I’m super proud of Ian. I loved his Goodbye Message to me. It gave me chills. I’ve been saying it’s like “Primal Fear” – there’s an innocent choir boy accused of murder and then at the end [it shows] he planned the whole thing. He fools Richard Gere. That’s exactly how I felt.

I’m going to be frank with you (no pun intended): I watched past seasons and I was never a Boogie fan. You started changed me around this year. Were you trying to change your style from previous seasons?
Mike “Boogie”: I realized I’m not one of the more popular people. I play an aggressive style. I play a villainous style. When I’m down, I’m down, and I express myself sometimes in negative ways. I can honestly say this time around was a little different for me. I did stay loyal to Frank, and we fought as hard as we could, but everyone thought we knew each other and that was some sort of twist because we were so tight. We were just in trouble pretty much every week. If Frank didn’t win HOH, we were fighting for our lives and I knew that it was going to be really hard for me to go far once the twist happened.

Speaking of the twist, you were the only Coach to not hit the reset button this season.
Mike “Boogie”: Did you say I was the only person not to hit the button? [loud bursts of laughter] That’s even more impressive because I knew that Dan pressed it, I figured Janelle pressed it, but I’ll give it to that little Britney, she’s a good actress. I thought she had enough confidence in Shane and that she did not press it, so I’m kind of surprised that she pressed it, but I was sure the other two did. [Boogie had the most surprising reaction to our question here. He sounded GENUINELY convinced that Britney did not press the reset button, as she claimed.]

What did you think of both Britney’s goodbye message to you and that Dan’s vote to evict were basically as payback for Janelle?
Mike “Boogie”: I loved Britney’s goodbye message, for one thing. I thought that was awesome. When I do the goodbyes, I can expect them in return to come back to me, so I thought it was great TV. I’m a monster player in this game that they all needed to get out. I was going for them. They were going for me. I got Janelle. They got me. Frank is going to get one of them. That’s just the nature of this game. I think it would have been good to play with Dan a bit more, but people were very threatened by Frank and me, so we had to go.

It seems like a lot of the players turned on you when you went for the $10,000 rather then safety or HOH. How do you feel about that? Do you think that was your ultimate mistake in your game plan?
Mike “Boogie”: Absolutely not. I have no regrets for the $10,000 or any other comp that I played. At the time I completely trusted the Silent Six Alliance, which seems so ridiculous to say now, but I’m happy that I took the prizes. With the way things had gone, it would have been an uphill battle for me to win this game. I basically left with 3rd place money. I’ll make more than the person who finishes in 3rd place, so if I can’t sit in the final 2 seats, I’m ecstatic that I took the money.

However, a lot of other players (like Britney and Ian) talked about you going for the money.
Mike “Boogie”: There was always a thing about me having money in my real life and them not. You’re always going to deal with that when you go on these types of shows. I took $16,000 away from the experience. As soon as the twist happened, I knew it would be almost impossible for me to win the $500,000 again, so now I don’t have to sit there all summer. I can go be with my family and friends, and enjoy the rest of my summer and everyone else has to be on the Jury. One person is going to leave happy and eight others are going to leave unhappy.

Focusing on the Coaches, you really did have a tight team together to go against the newbies, but then you broke down after the reset. What was the reason behind that?
Mike “Boogie”: Janelle was playing such a nasty game. One strategy that I learned by playing with rookies again, which I haven’t done in 11 years, was if you got to somebody first and you said that somebody said something about them, they believed it. I kind of forgot that you could do that, and I wasn’t going to stoop to that level. Janelle really bought into that game this year, and she couldn’t be trusted. The person I disliked the most in the House was Joe, and for some reason, Janelle kind of didn’t put much stock in Wil and Ashley, so she sort of used Joe as her Number One guy. They disgusted me so much. That week, no one was willing to put up one of their own players. I told Janelle, “OK, you want to work together? Put up one of your guys,” but she wouldn’t do it.

What was your favorite experience from the whole summer?
Mike “Boogie”: Voting out Janelle.

Was that a personal or strategic decision?
Mike “Boogie”: It would typically be strategic, but because of the way she was badmouthing me, I felt really, really satisfied not only in voting her out, but getting all those people together to get her out. It took a lot of work, it saved Frank, and it got out Janelle, so to me that was the most satisfying.

Who did you have the most trouble reading in the House?
Mike “Boogie”: Ian. [laughs] I was obviously the most wrong about Ian, but as far as the person that I never really knew what was up was Joe. He’s a classic power chaser. For me, last night, I wouldn’t have wasted my speech time on him, but I really thought I had three votes and I just needed his. I played a sympathy card for two days, and I really thought I might be able to pull on his heartstrings a little bit by mentioning his family, but ultimately with what Ian had going on, that clearly didn’t matter. Don’t get it confused; I’m certainly not saying he’s some smart player. He’s basically an idiot.

If Frank and Ian can’t get to the Final 2, who would you like to see make it there?
Mike “Boogie”: I think Dan would totally deserve it. If Dan sits in the Final 2 seats against anyone but Frank, he’ll win. If you want my pick of someone who I think might sneak up, it’s Danielle. She might be a classic 2nd-placer, like a Porsche or an Erica. I do think Danielle might find her way to one of those final 2 seats.

Why were you interested in trading Jenn when you were still a Coach?
Mike “Boogie”: Jenn to me was playing the classic 2nd place game – stay out of the fray, play a decent social game, and float to the end – but you can’t stand up to get the votes. There’s no speech you can give that will talk people into giving you the vote. I didn’t want a player like that, especially in a cast of rookies. Perhaps in an All-star season you can bring someone like that who can talk their way into it, but if a floater is sitting against someone who won 5 competitions, it’s not going to happen.

Did you know that you have a Twitter account now?
Mike “Boogie”: I didn’t realize that.

Before we go, I wanted to tell you that you had a very classy exit last night.
Mike “Boogie”: Thank so much! I appreciate your time!

The Yak’s Interview with BB14 Wil Heuser

Wil, the latest evictee from Big Brother sat down to chat with the Yak today to let us know his feelings on the season. Keep reading to see what he had to say!


Wil was extremely animated this morning, probably more animated than we have seen him this entire season. Last night, Julie had mentioned to him about a large alliance in the house called the “Silent Six.” We asked him who he thought might be in that alliance and Wil knew exactly who it was. “If I had to make an educated guess on the not so Silent Six, that would be Britney, Shane, Dan, Danielle, Mike and Frank.” Wil was more astute than he appeared to be on television.

When asked about his own alliance, “Team Tits”, he is not so hopeful. “Unless the house flips, Team Tits will be having drinks together in a couple of weeks” he said. Had he stayed and won HOH this week, he was really hoping to make a bigger move in the game. His choice for nominations would have been Dan and Mike, with his target directed straight on Dan. Had one of them been removed from the block, his replacement would have either been Shane or Frank. “Removing Frank would disable Mike and removing Mike would disable Frank.” He would have tried to align with Danielle and Shane, which he says he started that ball rolling in week two.

When made aware that the ‘Silent Six’ may be ready to nominate Frank and Boogie via Shane’s HOH win last night, Wil said “If that’s true I think you can kiss Frank’s butt goodbye. My gut says they will go after Frank.” Wil agrees that the coaches need to sit next to boogie in order to win. In fact, he believes anyone sitting next to Boogie at the end will fair well for them.

He truly believes that if these newbies don’t wake up, that Dan will be the most deserving to win the game. “Dan is playing just like he did in his season, making his moves through Danielle, and in a great position in the house. If he makes it to the end, he should win the whole thing again.”

As for regrets, Wil says he doesn’t have many. If there were one thing he could take back, it would be lying to Frank and Boogie in week three about who he was going to vote out. “I consider myself to be a pretty good liar” he said, but “I think I gave away all my cards in that move and It inevitably hurt me and got me on the block and out the door.”

What about the Janelle eviction? What was the advantage of evicting Janelle who was truly on your side this whole game? Wil responded that there was no advantage. “I got myself off the block and she (Janelle) just happened to go up. If Ashley and I were to have voted to keep her, it would have just put a bigger target on our back. She was not real liked by many of the HGs. She was definitely one of the most disliked people in the house.” He said. When he was informed that Janelle was hurt by some of the things he said about her in the house, he replied that he hopes he and Janelle can bond outside of the game. “It was an equal two way street with her and I. I voted her out because I didn’t want that target on my back. She was leaving regardless of how Ashley and I voted. The problem Janelle had in the house was that she didn’t take any interest in getting to know other houseguests on a personal level and when you talked to her it was all about Janelle.” He believes a part of her needs to take responsibility for her own eviction and how she played. It can’t all be him and Ashley for the reason she left the game.

After Frank won HOH, why did Wil not tell Frank and Boogie what they wanted to hear in their discussion to keep himself safe? “It was frustrating because I knew there was a big alliance that I wasn’t a part of, so I didn’t want to to say something that would make me a bigger target. If I was going out, I wanted to go out with my dignity in tact. After the Veto, Frank could have made the biggest move and gotten Dan out… one of the best players in BB history, but he made a mistake.”

Did Wil really want to be evicted before Jury? “Once I knew there was a large alliance in the house, once I knew for certain I was going home, just to go to sequester to give someone else 500k… it wasn’t very tasty to my palette so to speak.”

What was Wil’s take on the supposed homophobic slurs slung by Willie? Wil says he knew they were a fabrication by Frank and made out to be more than what they were. “I don’t know if they showed this on TV or the feeds or not, but I actually took Joe in the storage room and said I would play it up to get sympathy card. I know that sounds horrible.”

Many people expected Wil to last longer in the Pirate Ship Endurance Competition. Asked how much longer he thinks he could have lasted, he said “I could have gone maybe 15 minutes more. It’s a lot harder than it looks! If you were over 5’7” it was going to be a hard Competition. Danielle looked like she was about to pull a cigarette out and smoke it… So I looked at Danielle and asked if I was safe, she said yeah (obviously that wasn’t true) and then looked at Shane who was struggling and said “you jump, I jump.”  I don’t regret jumping when I did. Danielle was going to hang on there all night if she could.”

We asked Wil what he thought his biggest move in the game was to date. “I didn’t get a chance to make one. I had Mike and Frank eating out of the palm of my hand at one point, but then the coaches came in… my big move was yet to come.” Too late.

Now, we know what’s on the mind of many of our readers… His extensions. Yes, it was asked… why does he constantly pick at them? Are they itchy? Why did he decide to get them before he came into the house? He says that he had a “Britney” (Spears) moment back in the Spring and chopped all his locks off. He regretted it as he had always had long hair, so he had decided then to get extensions. About the constant playing with it? “It’s a habit of mine to twirl my hair… when I was doing it i was strategizing and thinking.” (He must have been strategizing and thinking A LOT!)

We pressed Wil about what he thought about some of his former Houseguests… But he says that was the best part of coming into the house, all the different personalities and unique bunch of people. “They are all standup guys and gals. Hopefully friends for life.”

We heard him say once that he thought Jenn was really subdued, but what about Wil? He seemed pretty subdued as well to some. Was it strategic? Wil says yes.  “It was calculated. I’m usually very emotional but I didn’t want to come off as a loose cannon. I wanted to play this level headed and as someone you could trust in the house.”

What are his thoughts on the Shane/Danielle showmance that BB is trying to portray? “I think it’s the most un-genuine thing in the house. He is nasty to Danielle, sure he plants those kisses on her when the time is right or when necessary, but says a lot of hurtful comments to her. I think she just genuinely wants to be his friend and he sort of leads it on for the camera but he will go around and be a total jerk to her.”

How about Wil? Was he tempted for a Showmance with anyone in the house? No, he says. There was no one of his “taste” in there apparently.

How about Ian? What does he think of him? “Coming from viewers perspective i would say Ian is probably well liked. In the first couple of weeks he wasn’t well liked in the house… he did weird things. I think in the end he came out of his shell and I was happy that happened. I think he is a very special person and I hope him and I can be friends after this.”

Who has the best chance of winning this game? Wil thinks Dan has a good chance, stating again that if these newbies don’t wake up and get him out, that he deserves it… But who will set next to Dan? “Call me crazy, but my money is on Ashley” he says. “If Ashley doesn’t get voted out in the next couple of weeks, she will be in one of the two chairs at the end.” He at one point thought Frank could take it all, but thinks that Frank has fallen into the pits of Boogie with no chance to recover.

What’s next for Wil? He is hoping to do another video for the “Wil Show” on Youtube this Friday, and may try in the future to revive his singing career. He says for 10 years it has been all about music for him. He has worked with Producers in the past and hopes that maybe he can again in the future, but he is going to take that one day at a time.

As for the Louisville Cards or the Kentucky Wildcats? He says Cards all the way!


So, what do you think? Are you going to miss Wil in the game? Do you wish he stayed and followed through on his Dan/Boogie nominations? Let us know below, and be sure to come join us in the forum HERE for all things Big Brother!

Mike “Boogie” Malin and The Crazy Lawsuit

Maybe this is why we didn’t see a return of Will and Boogie this year on Big Brother. Apparently, Mike “Boogie” Malin is too busy being “tied up” (pun intended) in lawsuit fantasy land. (pun intended again. This is way too easy.)

Attorney Martin Singer, whose clients include the tiger blood drinking superstar himself, Charlie Sheen, has found himself named in quite a crazy lawsuit filed by none other than Big Brother All-Star Winner Mike “Boogie” Malin. The particulars of the case are, well, insane, but not too far fetched in our opinion for the former reality “star”.

In the complaint filed in a Los Angeles Court, Malin accuses Singer and his client, Geisha House promoter Shereene Arazm (a former partner of Malin’s), of extortion, violation of civil rights, and infliction of emotional distress. Mike is claiming that Singer and Arazm hired someone to hack into his e-mails and tap his phone. Apparently, Mike thinks the world is just that interested in his goings on.

Mike says the pair sent him a letter back at the end of July threatening a lawsuit, which would expose Boogie “to public embarrassment and humiliation” in “an effort to obtain property by a wrongful use of force or fear.” The letter also states that Malin has “misappropriated more than a million dollars from my client.”

If that were the end of this story, that would be not so surprising… but that isn’t near the end of it.

In that same letter, Singer included a copy of the lawsuit yet to be filed, referencing Malin’s alleged Craigslist based sexual escapades. The lawsuit by Singer was filed today. The lawsuit accuses Mr. Malin of using embezzled Geisha House resources to set up “multiple sexual encounters with various older men, during which Malin would live out fetish role play fantasies … playing out Malin’s versions of a father/son and uncle/nephew relationship.” It even includes Mr. Malin’s nicknames for his older partners, including “Uncle Jerry” and “Dad,” according to the suit.

Former partner Arazm’s lawsuit, which speaks of Malin as a “washed-up reality star” and Moore (Malin’s other partner) as an “accused rapist,” lists many other ways the pair has allegedly diverted money and resources from Geisha House for their own personal use, including striking exclusive deals with vendors, diverting the rebated into “2Hype”, Malin’s privately held company.  The lawsuit is seeking more than $1,000,000 in damages.

Singer released a statement saying Malin’s suit is a “preemptive strike” and “desperate attempt” to divert attention from the claims against him and Moore, and he fully expects that the suit will be thrown out.

Singer also goes on to say that the allegations in Malin’s suit of e-mail hacking and phone tapping are “ridiculous; they have no facts on their claim.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Malin’s attorney has not yet responded for comment.

Oh Boogie, Who’s your daddy? Maybe that’s why Erika could get no where with him in Season 7 eh, and Krista must be thanking her lucky stars!