Mike “Boogie” Malin and The Crazy Lawsuit

Maybe this is why we didn’t see a return of Will and Boogie this year on Big Brother. Apparently, Mike “Boogie” Malin is too busy being “tied up” (pun intended) in lawsuit fantasy land. (pun intended again. This is way too easy.)

Attorney Martin Singer, whose clients include the tiger blood drinking superstar himself, Charlie Sheen, has found himself named in quite a crazy lawsuit filed by none other than Big Brother All-Star Winner Mike “Boogie” Malin. The particulars of the case are, well, insane, but not too far fetched in our opinion for the former reality “star”.

In the complaint filed in a Los Angeles Court, Malin accuses Singer and his client, Geisha House promoter Shereene Arazm (a former partner of Malin’s), of extortion, violation of civil rights, and infliction of emotional distress. Mike is claiming that Singer and Arazm hired someone to hack into his e-mails and tap his phone. Apparently, Mike thinks the world is just that interested in his goings on.

Mike says the pair sent him a letter back at the end of July threatening a lawsuit, which would expose Boogie “to public embarrassment and humiliation” in “an effort to obtain property by a wrongful use of force or fear.” The letter also states that Malin has “misappropriated more than a million dollars from my client.”

If that were the end of this story, that would be not so surprising… but that isn’t near the end of it.

In that same letter, Singer included a copy of the lawsuit yet to be filed, referencing Malin’s alleged Craigslist based sexual escapades. The lawsuit by Singer was filed today. The lawsuit accuses Mr. Malin of using embezzled Geisha House resources to set up “multiple sexual encounters with various older men, during which Malin would live out fetish role play fantasies … playing out Malin’s versions of a father/son and uncle/nephew relationship.” It even includes Mr. Malin’s nicknames for his older partners, including “Uncle Jerry” and “Dad,” according to the suit.

Former partner Arazm’s lawsuit, which speaks of Malin as a “washed-up reality star” and Moore (Malin’s other partner) as an “accused rapist,” lists many other ways the pair has allegedly diverted money and resources from Geisha House for their own personal use, including striking exclusive deals with vendors, diverting the rebated into “2Hype”, Malin’s privately held company.  The lawsuit is seeking more than $1,000,000 in damages.

Singer released a statement saying Malin’s suit is a “preemptive strike” and “desperate attempt” to divert attention from the claims against him and Moore, and he fully expects that the suit will be thrown out.

Singer also goes on to say that the allegations in Malin’s suit of e-mail hacking and phone tapping are “ridiculous; they have no facts on their claim.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Malin’s attorney has not yet responded for comment.

Oh Boogie, Who’s your daddy? Maybe that’s why Erika could get no where with him in Season 7 eh, and Krista must be thanking her lucky stars!

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