The Yak Sits Down with Dominic from Big Brother 13!

The Yak got a chance to sit down this morning with the latest evicted Houseguest from Big Brother 13, Dominic! Check out what he had to say below!

The Yak: Us fans can see what a pressure cooker the Big Brother House truly is, but we never had the chance to experience it. Can you tell us now, first hand, how it felt to be trapped in the house with strangers, and how stressful it really was?

Dominic: Its extremely stressful being trapped in one place and not having anywhere to go. It was even more stressful being thrown into a house with complete strangers and having to adapt to their living conditions and lifestyles. The hardest part about the whole thing was not having an escape.

The Yak, from Forum Member Kristin: Do you think that spending so much time isolated in a room with Daniele instead of going out and socializing more hurt your game?

Dominic: No, because I actually spent a lot of time with everyone in the house and everyone in the house genuinely had a good relationship with me. But I think perception is everything in the Big Brother house, and no matter who I was with or where I was going people always made assumptions. Per everyone’s assumptions, at one point I was dating Porsche, Daniele and Cassi all at the same time!

The Yak, from Forum Member KaysarRocks: Do you think that if Daniele had not been pushing Brendon and Rachel so hard about backdooring Jeff that you would still be in the house?

Dominic: Absolutely. If Dani didn’t push so hard for the deal to go through and put so much pressure on Brendon and Rachel it wouldn’t have made Brendon go back on the deal and I’d be sitting pretty right now. Dani herself has admitted that she is the sole reason I am out of the house.

The Yak, from Forum Member Mystycl: Did you trust Daniele 100%?

Dominic: Yes, absolutely. She always had my best interest in mind and even in the end, the backdoor plan would have greatly benefitted both of us together.

The Yak, from Forum Member SassyGal: You told the Houseguests that you lived with your mom and that you were home-schooled. Do you think some may have viewed you differently if you hadn’t told them that information? If so, do you think it would have hurt or helped your game?

Dominic: I don’t think it made anyone view me differently because at that point I already had great relationships and friendships with everyone. And if anything, it gave everyone an opportunity to joke around me and make fun of the fact that I am “15” – it made for easy, light hearted joking and conversation. I also think the fact that I was honest about my home life made people comfortable around me.

The Yak, from Forum Member kmteach: Do you regret not campaigning harder for Cassi to stay in the game?

Dominic: No, Cassi had no chance and everyone knew she was gone. And although she was part of the regulators, I knew at that point she hurt my game way more than helped it. And she was the one thing standing in the way of Daniele really making a push to play with me.

The Yak: One of our members, kmteach, would like to know why in the world would you sleep in the Have-Not room, when you could have slept in a real bed?

Dominic: I didn’t think it was right to take a bed from a woman. I think it is disrespectful for any guy to not put a lady first. So in order for Shelly, Dani, Kalia and Porsche, I was forced to sleep in the have not and I was the only one that was willing to give up a real bed.

The Yak: If you could rewind and change who you teamed up with on the first night, who would it be and why?

Dominic: I wouldn’t have changed who I was teamed up with. I think Adam never hurt my chances of getting voted out and I shot myself in the foot with the backdoor plan, but until that point I was safe with Adam and he was just as much of a target as I was.

The Yak: If you stayed in the game last night and won HOH, who would you have put up? If who you put up won the veto, who would you have put in their place?

Dominic: I would have put up Brendon and Rachel, told them that no matter who wins the veto they can pick who goes home because its one of them. Jordan would have gone up as the alternate and no one would have kept them over Jordan.

The reason being that they committed to the backdoor plan for Jeff, and backed out last minute and they didn’t need to go exposing their plan to Jeff, throwing Dani under the bus.

The Yak: Who would you like to see make final two? Who do you think deserves final two?

Dominic: I think Rachel will go far – I think they are targeting Brendon so I think Rachel will get by since she isn’t target #1.
I think Jordan will go far, for the same, they will target Jeff before they target her. And she is much smarter than she appears.
I think Kalia will go far because she is a floater and plays both sides of the house, right now she is flying under the radar and isn’t a threat in competitions.
I think Dani will go far because she is the best player in the house in my opinion. She knows how to manipulate and compete and she isn’t afraid of anyone in there.

Thank you Dominic for your time!


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