Website that puts ALL Your Info Online (And How to Remove it)

There is a new website in town that gather all of your info, and puts it all in one neat little place for anyone to see. It has your e-mail address, any websites you participate on, a picture of your house along with your address, your age, pictures of you gathered from social networks, your income, your parents, if you have children, your hobbies, etc. etc. It’s called Spokeo, and you can get removed from the listings. Here’s how:

Go to:
In the Search Box, type in your full name.
Navigate to find yourself.
One you have, (and after you have taken a gander at all the info they collected) click on SEE MORE.
Once there, copy the URL (web address) in the top of the browser, and at the bottom of the page, click PRIVACY.
Now, don’t let them scare you with how the information is available all over the place, and pay us to remove it jargon… just enter the URL, your e-mail, and the security letters.
Go to your inbox, find the e-mail they sent you, and click to confirm removal.

They only allow 2 people to be removed from the service per e-mail address, so if you plan on removing more than yourself and one other, be prepared to have another e-mail address handy to give to them.

Next: SHARE THIS INFO! Forward your family and friends here for removal instructions. Please comment below on what you think about this nonsense!

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  1. Thanks you for sharing and explainng how to get off this creepy list….and yes I shared too!

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