Whitney Houston, Dead at 48

As you have probably learned already, the great Whitney Houston has died. Whitney has had a notorious drug problem and a tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband, Bobby Brown. Her death, for most of us, was not unexpected, but it’s still unfortunate.

A 911 call came in at 3:23 Pacific time to the Beverly Hills Police Dept. from the Beverly Hilton reporting that Whitney was found unconscious. Crews arrived 2 minutes later and found people already trying to revive her in her room on the 4th floor. The efforts were unsuccessful and her friends and family were called in to identify her as she was pronounced dead. The police dept as of yet did not see any signs of drug use or drug paraphernalia nor any signs of foul play but the cause of death is still under investigation and detectives are still on scene interviewing witnesses. They are not sure whether she was alone in the room or whether her boyfriend was with her. More details to follow as we learn more.

RIP Whitney. You were absolutely amazing. We just wish you could have been happier.

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