Young Love…or is it?

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Since then I have met the most wonderful guy. We have been talking for about a year and officially dating for about 6 months. My worst fear though has happened…I have fallen in love….now mind you, I have never ever ever been in a relationship nor have I been in love. But I think about this man all the time! I don’t know what to do! Should I go for it…should I tell him that I love him and risk a good thing by jumping the gun or what….

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Where Is The Generation That Cares?

As a individual that has been in the education system for 3 years now, two years as an assistant and this being my first year with my own classroom, I have come to a very sad conclusion. Where is the generation that cares? Mind you, I am talking about my own generation 20s. As a first year Kindergarten teacher, I have found very little parental support or help in the home. My poor babies come to school in 6 degree weather with short sleeves and maybe a light jacket. I have children tell me that their parents don’t pay them any attention at home.

Where is the Generation that cares?

The one who would check backpacks first thing for any notes/homework from the teacher.

The one who helped their children with their sight words/homework.

The one who would send a snack for their babies’ class.

The one who would adequately clothe their child.

The one who would stand by the teacher in a disciplined matter.


Where is that Generation? Where have they gone?

The Hot Mess of Internet Dating

So on January 1st 2013 I decided to try internet dating. After years of no suitors… I have come to the age where I want my happily ever after. Well that is turning out to be harder than I thought. After two months, countless matches, few sparks and  rejections. I have come to the conclusion that maybe just maybe I am supposed to be alone for the rest of my life. I have reached out to several matches that have really intrigued me only to be shot down right away. I feel like crying sometimes because my sister found her happily ever after Why can’t I? I dread my sister’s wedding in May because my family and friends will look at me standing up in the maid of honor spot and say “God Bless her! Will she ever find her friend?”

That is my rant for the day. On to your regularly scheduled programs!

Who needs a Man? When you have 43 Valentines!

So Valentines’ Day was Thursday! As most people know I am single. That is said to be a curse on the day that people deem for love. However, even with my internet dating I was still alone on that day. That quickly changed as soon as I got to work. My students showered! me with gifts! Chocolates! candy! flowers! and sweet valentines that read “Viles (Violets) are Blue, Roses are Red and sugar is seet (Sweet) and so are you”. I have  never felt  that much love as I did that day! My babies  made a day that could have potentially been a disaster a day that was wonderful and awesome!

The Children of Today


First of all I must say that I have no children of my own. I am only an aunt to two very precious boys but I am a school teacher so here it goes…

The children of Today are spoiled rotten that’s right I said it! They are spoiled to the extreme and it is not a good thing. Don’t get me wrong I am not that far from being what some would call a child (25 years old). Everyday I go to work and I hear my students talking about what they have at home to play with. The things that they have are as follows:

1. Iphone

2. Ipad

3. Ipod

4. Four wheeler


As I listen to my little kids (7-9 years old) talk about these items I sit back and think “What in the world is wrong with parents today?” Why does a 7 year old need an iphone? I am sorry I know things are different than when I was a child, but having an iphone at 7 seems very extreme. With all the extracurricular activities out there I know that children need a way to communicate with their parents ,but what happened to the time when adults made sure that other adults were responsible for letting them know of schedule changes and such. When did the child become the one to text and call their parents when something changed?

I guess that I am just old fashioned. I was raised by older parents and my grandparents were older too. They didn’t let me have my own phone till I was 18 years old.  I often wonder if all this technology is going to be the doom of our next generation to come up. It worries me that children would rather play on the Xbox, iphone, ipad,or computer than playing outside in the fresh air.

Well that is all of my soap box today…more to come later…

Southern Charm At Its Best

Hey Hey Hey!

The Yak Blog is getting some Southern Charm :).  That’s right MissSouthernLady is blogging now. For those of you who haven’t been on the forum and don’t know me here is a little bit about me. I am an assistant teacher who has her degree in elementary education looking for that perfect certified job. I am a single lady who is trying the world of internet dating (Yes I think I am insane). Your typical country girl who loves her family, friends and God. I am a Big Brother fan who was a participate in the first season of Yak Big Brother (was named Favorite Juror!).

My ramblings will be about my crazy kids that I teach, my hot mess of internet dating and just random stuff.

I hope you will enjoy my ramblings if you don’t well I don’t care ;).