Big Brother 14: The Yak Chats with Champion Ian Terry

Big Brother 14 Champ, Ian Terry

Fans of Big Brother yearned for for many seasons to have a super fan, rather than a reruit, win Big Brother. Well earlier this week, they got their wish! Ian Terry, the student from Louisiana, was crowned the winner of Big Brother Wednesday night in what can only be called an upset against a vet, previous winner, true all-star and diabolical player Dan Gheesling. Ian walks away from his Big Brother summer $500,000 richer and the title of Big Brother 14 winner. What’s next for Ian? The Yak had the opportunity to sit down with Ian after the show and glean just a bit of what Ian was thinking after his amazing triumph. Keep reading to see what he had to say!

Ian began by filling us all in on how surreal and unreal this whole thing is. Still in shock from his win (and being able to see other faces than the ones he had been living with for the past 3 months) he is looking forward to watching the entire season play out on television, which he admitted will probably drive him crazy.

Ian was proud of how he played the game. Very proud, in face. He knows, now, that had he not won the veto at certain points in the game, his Big Brother journey more than likely would have been over, so pulling out the win at those key points saved him. He admits that Dan played a better game in the house than he did, but feels that Dan just forgot about the jury votes.

Ian Terry with Big Brother Hose, Julie Chen
Ian most definitely has more respect for the game of Big Brother. He found the game inside the house to be much more difficult than sitting at home and watching the show and the feeds. He said that when you watch from home, you have all the information about what everyone is doing around the house, but inside, your knowledge is a lot more limited, He admits that he was a bit star struck with the returning players, but that faded quickly as he began to see them as just other players in the game. He admits that he wasn’t happy in the house with Boogie and Frank thinking they just had him wrapped around their fingers. Lying to Boogie about voting to keep him, he admits, was one of the hardest things he had to do in the house, but he had no regrets and needed to do what he had to do. In fact, he did note that he had never promised to keep Boogie or Frank that late in the game, but said they just assumed he would.

As far as game play and Dan, he says he is over the backstabbing. At the end of the day, it’s a game. Yes, he was disappointed to learn that had he not won the last HOH, he wouldn’t have been taken to the end as promised and was disappointed in the “swearing on the cross” bit that Dan waved in his face; but it is a game show and he holds no hard feelings. Heck, he won!

Ian Terry, Big Brother 14 “Quack Packer”

What does Ian plan on doing now that the game is over? He mentioned a few things he wants to do with the money. Since he is unable to drive, he plans on getting himself a top of the line bicycle to ride around, purchase a few pairs of sunglasses and use some of the money for his education. He plans on going back to school to get his degree in Chemical Engineering. He also mentioned that he may be getting himself his own personal hammock to swing on, claiming that it relieved a lot of stress for him. Hopefully he has some WD40 in the cupboard at home. In the meantime, would Ian come back to Big Brother for an All Stars season? Absolutely he said. He would, however, like to finish up with his degree though. Ian was extremely humble and down to earth during out chat, as evident by his future plans and sticking true to his educational goals.

All and all, Ian does not regret any move he made, or any move anyone else made in the game this season. Why would he? Whatever happened in there must have happened for a reason to have Ian sitting there in the final two chairs and getting the votes from the jury to win the game. A big congrats to Ian on his win and a thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

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