Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters ‘Sues’ Scissor Sisters [Explicit]

Yeah, it’s a joke, and a funny one! Dave Grohl, the frontman for the Foo Fighters is “suing” the band Scissor Sisters after SS frontman Jake Shears exposed himself at a concert.

In this ‘must watch’ video, Grohl explains the torment he endures nightly after witnessing the incident. Grohl in tears says he felt “dizzy and sick” following the exposure at the concert, and cannot get the visions of said exposure out of his head since that night.  He is suing for $75 million, but admits that the money is not going to erase what he saw from his life.

You gotta love Dave Grohl. A great musician, and comedian.

Warning: The following video is explicit. Do not watch if easily offended.

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