Details Emerge in CBS v. ABC Lawsuit, Big Brother Confidentiality Breached?

It’s like the story that never ends. With just days before The Glass House contestants move in and just over a week before the show is set to premiere on ABC, details continue to emerge on the lawsuit CBS has filed against ABC for their Big Brother-esque reality show. As we have been constantly updating fans with details of the court case, we have uncovered more details that have emerged from the deposition that took place Sunday night. Late Thursday night, CBS filed an emergency injunction for the temporary restraining order, yet another attempt to stop ABC from premiering The Glass House. As the presiding judge’s decision won’t come until close to the premiere date of June 18, this was CBS’s last ditch effort at making a big wave.

As we previously reported, former Big Brother and current The Glass House producer, Kenny Rosen, was deposed for seven hours on Sunday regarding his role in the production of the ABC show. During the deposition, Rosen admitted to using a copy of the Big Brother Guest Manual as a draft for a supporting document for The Glass House. As the Big Brother manual is property of CBS (and regarded as confidential information), it appears CBS’s claim might have more to it than initially thought. This may be in violation of the agreement Rosen signed when employed by CBS. Rosen also admitted that he “consulted” the CBS Big Brother Master Control schedule to assess how many helping hands he would need to hire in production for ABC’s The Glass House. Initially, it was believed that no more than 15 former Big Brother employees were on tap for The Glass House, but the deposition revealed that the number might be doubled, in fact.

Rosen stated that the creation of The Glass House began around the time another former Big Brother producer Corie Henson came over to work for ABC. Even further, Rosen also admitted during the deposition that he had purposefully deleted Glass House emails after the lawsuit was filed by CBS. We’ll keep you updated as details continue to emerge.

Fans will be able to peek at the hamsters in the house made of glass on Monday from 11pm – 3am EST and on Tuesdays – Thursdays from just 3pm – 4pm EST. ABC will permit LIVE voting starting June 9, while the live streaming will kick off June 11. The show will premiere on the ABC network on Monday June 18 at 10/9c! Big Brother 14 premieres on CBS on Thursday July 12 at 9/8c!

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