The Glass House Houseguest Replaced by Holly aka. “Yakety Yak”

That’s right folks! Someone who identifies as a Yakety Yak herself will be in ABC’s new reality series The Glass House, as the houseguests move in this weekend. When we recently announced the cast, there was a houseguest slated for entry by the name of Melissa. Well, Melissa is no more. The freelance journalist from Chicago, IL has been replaced by 21-year old Holly from Detroit, MI, who self-describes as a Yakety Yak. We, of course, couldn’t be happier! Check out Holly’s photo, bio and video below.

CBS Files Emergency Injunction in Glass House Lawsuit

Fans will be able to peek at the hamsters in the house made of glass on Monday from 11pm – 3am EST and on Tuesdays – Thursdays from just 3pm – 4pm EST. ABC will permit LIVE voting starting June 9, while the live streaming will kick off June 11. The show will premiere on the ABC network on Monday June 18 at 10/9c!

America: be prepared to have me enter your lives! My name is Holly a.k.a. Yakety Yak. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, originally born from Detroit, Michigan. My ethnic background is Babylonian; specifically “Chaldean” and I speak Aramaic. I’m passionate about making a difference, one BIG step at a time. While there are a variety of personal things I enjoy and want to do, like travel and have a fulfilling career, I believe that my purpose is to touch others by helping those who are less fortunate. In doing this, I believe I’ll leave my footprint in this world — helping others beyond myself. What makes me unique is that there is not only one of me in this world, but two! I actually have a twin sister and we’re fraternal twins. Having lived in L.A., I am a city girl at heart with a larger than life personality. I exude an infectious energetic quality that people love to be around.

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