New Rules! New Fresh Look! Same-Squared Circle!

Here is something interesting for all you Wrestling fans here at the Yak, a new and entertaining way to view professional wrestling, as you have never seen before!  The Yak just came across a press release of which I quote here extensively.

Knokx Pro Entertainment, located in Los Angeles California, recently announced the exclusive Territory League.

“The Territory League features teams of wrestlers, which represent their respective cities in exciting matches, that include: Heavyweight, Tag-Team, Cruiserweight and Luchadores.”

“During live matches, each team is held in their “Containment Cells” allowing them to interact with fans and ultimately lead their team to victory!” Like live modern day Gladiators… but without the killing at the end… but pretty darn close.  What is so interesting about this is how these gritty matches are being delivered to the viewer: as “Webisodes” yes your eyes read correctly, as WEBISODES online. Paid membership is required to view the events but by what we’ve seen it is so worth the money.  Will this change the face of professional wrestling?  Only time will tell, but for now it is definitely pile driving it on its head!

“Former WWE Superstars Jr. Fatu (Formerly known as “Rikishi”) Vampire Warrior (Formerly known as “GANGREL,”) NWE Superstar Black Pearl from the European circuit, “Kizarny Sinn Bohdi,” “Too Cool Scotty2hotty,” “Brian Christopher Lawler,” “Gene Snisky,” ‘Son Of The Highway Man Kris Kristofferson’ “Jody Kristofferson,” “16 Year-Old Sensation Parker Greaves” and Professional Body Builder “Scott Anthony” are just a few competing in the Territory League.

See the trailer below, and be sure to check out the Territory League Official Site!

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