Some Big Brother Fans Go Off the Deep End

UPDATE 8/28/11: The Yak scoops TMZ, who has now picked up our story (conveniently leaving out the link to our article in Big Brother Executive Producer Alison Grodner’s tweet). Sources close to Shelly say that Shelly’s family have been receiving death threats from fans and threats against her 8 year old daughter. Shelly’s employer also says they have been receiving harassing phone calls demanding Shelly be fired immediately. Sources say Shelly’s family will be getting the FBI involved, as they are taking the threats very seriously.

The Yak states again, it’s ok to hate how Shelly plays the “GAME”, hate the things she might say or do in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE, but leave her and her family outside of the show alone. I know it’s a minority, but whether you want to pretend it isn’t happening or not, it is happening.


I write this article in utter disgust. Absolute, total, UTTER DISGUST.

I, along with many people here, are huge fans of Big Brother, the reality show on CBS. Most recently, many fans lost the captain of their “team” on Big Brother, Jeff Schroeder. The blame of this loss is projected on Big Brother Houseguest, Shelly Moore, who turned on what was her alliance, and friends, Jeff and Jordan.

Jeff and Jordan have many, many fans. In fact, between the two of them, probably the largest fan base of any Houseguests on Big Brother. The only other Houseguest that comes close in un-official Big Brother 13 only polls, like the one on this page, is Daniele.

Recently in the news, we have been hearing about the violence between fans at Football and Baseball games, leading to some beatings, shootings and sadly, deaths, and we thought that was vile. Some Big Brother fans have taken it to whole new level, and the Yak couldn’t hold his tongue on this any longer. It’s sickening, not funny, and is literally psychopathic behavior.

**Click the pics in the article to make larger.**

[singlepic id=623 w=320 h=240 float=left]Today, a Facebook page has creeped up entitled “America Hates Shelly Moore.” Fair enough, the fans of Jeff and Jordan want to “vent” on Facebook, so be it. However, it has been taken to such a sick level that I am just in awe of the lunacy in people. I will not be posting the link to this Facebook Page here. If you want to see it, if you want to join it, look it up, or, go to Jokers where they are touting this hateful speech on their front page. **See Picture above**

[singlepic id=621 w=320 h=240 float=right]The hate speech has gone to a whole new level. People are posting phone numbers and e-mails to Shelly’s work, urging others to call to get her fired from her job. They are urging people to help get Josie, Shelly’s young daughter, kicked out from her school. They are posting Child Social Service numbers, and asking that everyone call them to report Shelly as a child molester to have her daughter taken from her, and they are wishing violence on her and their family. Why? Because she helped to evict someone they like on a Reality Game Show. It is a reality game show right? I mean, I am starting to think it isn’t anymore. I am beginning to think this is real life… like Shelly just killed these lunatics mother or child. It’s sick, and so wrong on so many levels, I just don’t understand it. Is Shelly the new Casey Anthony? This is crazy, sick and wrong.

[singlepic id=620 w=480 h=350 float=center]I am not a Shelly fan. I have not been a Shelly fan since day one. Her style of gameplay, her style of manipulation, the way she has gone about getting as far in the game as she has rubs me wrong. That’s an opinion. If you feel like you want to get her fired from her job, her child kicked from school, or you want her dead, then the Yak seriously suggests that you seek some mental help because it is truly, TRULY unhealthy. Even Jeff and Jordan would not only be very much against what you are doing, but they will HATE YOU for it. Know that.

This is giving Jeff and Jordan fans a really bad rap right now, and I really hope they will stand together, and “dislike” that page on Facebook, urge your BB friends to dislike that page as well, and try and keep the vitriol to a minimum as it is ONLY A GAME. IT IS NOT LIFE. Liking that page and posting hate there only incites these crazy people, giving them fodder to do more damage to a person, who at the end of the day, is a character/contestant we may not like on a reality show and will not affect us personally once the show is done. She will be forgotten along the likes of others we couldn’t stand. One should also ask that favorite site of theirs, if it is such, to take it off their front page, as promoting that hate is just wrong on any level.

Please, help to make it stop. We all love this show, and are avid, passionate fans. Don’t let that passion turn this ugly.

[Photo has been removed per Request]UPDATE: An article on TVGrapevine is now endorsing this behavior as well, and jokers promoting their article. The article discussed the fight between Jordan and Shelly seen on the feeds after the eviction, and discussed how when a contestant on the show goes bad, that the internet viewers will use what they have at their disposable, the web, to fight back.

Second UPDATE: I would like to issue an apology to TVGrapevine. I received an e-mail from TVGrapevine this morning, defending themselves on their posting, saying that it was written by a member and not the views of the TVGrapevine team.  In fact, they now have, as of this morning, an article on their own front page denouncing the violent conversation about Shelly. Unfortunately, all the Big Brother sites do not have 100% control over what our members post in our forums. They now have a retraction at the bottom of the article discussed in the previous paragraph, stating “**** There is no where within this piece that says TVGrapevine or the writer supports the America Hates Shelly More Face Book Page. As a matter of fact the writer left out the URL on purpose the the terrible face book page.”

That said, they have also decided to attack us personally, YakkityYaks, and myself, touting “bad punctuation” of this article (in a badly punctuated article of their own) and that this article was written for self-promotion. They also say that we aren’t allowing comments on this post. Comments are open and free for anyone to put in their input. Them saying we are not allowing comments on this is an outright lie. Feel free below.

I would also like to apologize that the punctuation in this article is not perfect. The point of this article was not to write a dissertation of Reality Show Viewer’s psyche of the Id vs. the Idiot to be read over by Sigmund Freud, but to stop the insanity of wanting to do harm to a Reality Show Contestant and her family. If one chooses to read anything other than that into it, well, that’s ones own interpretation.

I am glad, however, to see that this article did incite some of the other sites to follow our lead in trying to put a stop to the Shelly Moore hate. Bravo to TVGrapevine for joining a very good cause since this article was written. This was my soul purpose. TVGrapevine has a Facebook Page Now: Stop the Shelly Moore Hate – I urge everyone to join it!

***Response to the comments below: This article is in NO WAY indemnifying Je/Jo fans! I said that Jeff and Jordan fans are getting a BAD RAP for this, (and they are) because the violent hate began after Jeff was evicted, and Shelly and Jordan got in a fight when the feeds came back up. This isn’t to say that it’s all Je/Jo Fans doing this. Let’s be clear about that.

In addition, regardless if Shelly hid a stuffed animal, had an argument with Jordan, doesn’t stop the conversation from Porsche about Rachel, leaves her child at home to go on a show, etc. etc. by no means should incite people to call Child Services on her family, try to get her fired, or promote any other violence to her or her family. If a person thinks that what she has done on a reality show deserves that, well then, this is who this article was written for.

You can dislike Shelly and the way she plays the game, the arguments with Jordan, and any other antics in the BB House all you want, just help to put a stop to the other madness going on. It’s just not right.

The Yak’s Interview with BB13 Evictee Daniele Donato!

The Yak had the pleasure of interviewing the latest evicted Houseguest Daniele this morning, before she was off to the jury house. Keep reading to see what she had to say to our members questions!


The Yak: We have a lot of fans of yours over here at YakkityYaks! We fans can see what a pressure cooker the Big Brother House truly is, but we never had the chance to experience it of course. Can you tell us, first hand, how it feels to be trapped in the house with mostly strangers, and how stressful it really is?

Daniele: After I got out last time people would always ask me if it feels like you are in jail and my answer is no. It feels like you are stuck in a mental institution. That is why the have not room is so fitting this year. The Big Brother House is an emotional roller coaster. Words cannot express truly how emotional it is in there.

The Yak: Had you met Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon outside the house previous to this meeting, and did you like them?

Daniele: I met them all for a minute at Big Brother events, but I didn’t get to talk to them long enough to develop a real opinion on them. I wish I had.

The Yak, from Forum Member kmteach: Would you have kept your deal with Jeff and Jordan, not putting them up as initial noms or a replacement, had Jeff not broken the deal first?

Daniele: Yes, unless it meant putting up Kalia. I was never going to turn my back on her.

The Yak, from forum member Sphinx: A lot of our members are baffled about Porsche not washing her hair and how greasy it appears on the feeds… What’s up with that?

Daniele: We were have nots all week and had to take cold showers. She figured she could go one week without washing her hair.

The Yak, from Forum Member CappieSux: As bad as Rachel can be, would you have teamed up with her and gone to final 2 with her?

Daniele: Teamed up yes… to the final two… no. I would have never turned my back on Kalia.

The Yak: Really late last night, it looked like Rachel may vote to keep you. What happened between the time you woke up this morning, and the live show?

Daniele: I thought I was staying until an hour before the live show. Shelly blew up at Jeff and I looked at Porsche and said, “I’m going home.”

The Yak, from Forum Members KaysarRocks, SassyGal, and hwl4wlfmn: You stated that you wanted to make a big move with the backdoor Jeff plan in week two. Do you regret pushing for it so much now?

Daniele: No. If it would have worked it would have been a great move. Unfortunately, it didn’t and I tried to make the best out of it.

The Yak, from Forum Member SassyGal: Why do you think America voted Brendon back in the game?

Daniele: Either America hates me, America loves drama or his Mom voted more than anybody else in the country.

The Yak, from Forum Member CR: Why do you think your dad left early, and are you happy you had a chance to be in this season without your dad?

Daniele: It was a new experience playing without him. Both where great experiences in their own way.

The Yak, from Forum Member CR: If Jeff and Jordan had been split up in week one, or even when you were pushing for it in week two, do you think you would still be in the house?

Daniele: Yes.

The Yak, from Forum Member Hapyhouswf: Do you regret not taking the deal with Brendon or backdooring him over Jeff?

Daniele: At the time I thought it was the best decision for myself. I saw Brendon as my biggest threat.

The Yak, from Forum Member hwl4wlfmn: Rachel teasing you constantly, we saw, got on your nerves. Do you think she may have gotten the idea by the torment your dad is known to cause?

Daniele: I don’t think it had anything to do with strategy. I think that is actually who Rachel really is.

The Yak, from Forum Members hwl4wlfmn and Hapyhouswf: We know you don’t like to play this game personally, but it seemed personal once Brendon and Rachel said no to the backdoor Jeff plan. Was it?

Daniele: Absolutely not. Brendon and Rachel were the biggest threats in the game. When I was working with them they weren’t threats to me but once they turned on me they became threats to me. I had their backs 100% and they didn’t have mine. Why would I work with them after that?

The Yak: Do you think you could have turned Adam earlier in the game had you used the Donato card much sooner?

Daniele: I thought Adam had more of an appreciation of this game being such a big fan. Week three when I tried to back door Jeff it wasn’t only to get Jeff out it was to save Adam. I should have just let him go.

The Yak, from Forum Members TheKdd and Terpkings: Many of us absolutely LOVE the way you dress, (and the male fans think you looked very, shall we say, lovely on your eviction night. (HOT)) Can you tell us females where you get some of those great clothes?

Daniele: Thank you very much! I kind of shop everywhere. My style is hobo sheek. I really like vintage stores and Urban Outfitters.

The Yak, from Forum Member TheKdd: It was very ironic that both you and Jeff agreed that there were many players in the game that never stood up and did something for themselves, rather you both had to get your hands dirty. Many of us were hoping you two would have teamed up. Looking back, do you think there was anything you could have done more of that would have put you two on the same side of the house?

Daniele: I did everything I possibly could to try and team up with Jeff. He just wasn’t buying what I was selling.

The Yak: If you had stayed and won HoH last night, who would you have put up and why?

Daniele: I would have put up Adam and Jeff with Jordan as the replacement if one of them came off. One of those three people need to go.

The Yak: Who at this moment would you like to see sitting in the final two? Who would you like to see join you next in the jury house?

Daniele: I would love to see Kalia, Porsche or Shelly go far in this game and I would love to see Adam come through the jury doors right after I do.

The Yak: Thank you Daniele! You have a lot of fans here at YakkityYaks! It was a pleasure!


What do you think about Daniele’s answers? Who do you think she will vote for at the end? Let us know below, then come join us in the forum HERE for all things Big Brother!

Stay tuned for the Yak’s Interview with Jeff coming shortly!

The Storybook Wedding in the Big Brother House

It was a wedding to rival that of Luke and Laura (for those old enough to remember). A Page out of Prince William and Kate, complete with a designer dress and specialty made rings. Love was in the air tonight, and we Big Brother aficionados got a chance to indulge and completely immerse in it. The bride blushing, the groom like a Prince awaiting his Princess, gushing with pride. Yes, a fairytale to be treasured for Big Brother seasons to come. Surely it tops Mike “Uncle Jerry” Malin proposing to the love of his life season 2, and all love birds to come in future season. It was a site to behold, and behold we all did.

[singlepic id=586 w=200 h=140 float=left]We all held our breath as the bride readied herself in the Parlor on this August night, with onlookers adoring her every ruby red hair and lips. The Bridesmaids shined in their chosen gowns, but paled in comparison to the bride to be. We rushed in excitement to the live feeds, 10:30pm Pacific we were told to converge. The storybook wedding did get off to a bit of a late start, but we minded naught.

[singlepic id=599 w=200 h=140 float=right]Amidst a beautiful ambient bubble wand goddess, adorned in all white, she emerged. Rachel Reilly was a site to behold. The dress made of a shimmering pliant, yet resilient sheath, was crafted by hand by none other than the world renowned fashion designer Hefty, beating out top designers Glad and Ziploc. Putting the final touches on the gown was none other than the derrière bonded Shelly Moore, who also happens to be the world’s premier matriarch and knowledge of all circumstance. The Grooms attire, fit for a King, was also designed with great effort by Hefty to adhere to the gowns conception.

[singlepic id=591 w=200 h=140 float=left]The ring bearer, clad in Elf wear reminiscent of our childhood October celebrations, carefully and steadfast balanced the ring on the luxurious Ikea pillow made of a beautiful faux chenille. Those Swedes sure know how to rest their heads!

[singlepic id=600 w=200 h=140 float=right]Out of the house came the beautiful bridesmaids, all stunning in their own right. Posche Briggs, Jordan Lloyd and Kalia Booker, with naught a bite to be had, led the precession amidst thundering applause resembling music, making way for the bride to gracefully float to the groom. The bouquet was adorned with fresh plastic flowers, and a peacocks tail feather borrowed from the mystical fortune teller of the Parlor. Awaiting the elegant bride was the swelling groom, Brendon Villegas and his Best Man, Jeff Schroeder, all dressed up in his mid century blue blazer and top hat.

[singlepic id=596 w=200 h=140 float=left]The preacher, Rev. Lawon Exum, gleefully yet calmly awaited to give the last rights to the delighted couple. His presentation of the vows rang like a melody, enchanting the crowd gathered. Even the happy couple was heard singing his praise. Nothing like it has ever been heard, and could only be challenged by the great Rev. Jesse Jackson.

[singlepic id=601 w=200 h=140 float=right]The two wrote their own vows, the bride’s in limerick, ending with a beautiful rendition of her reality television trademark “No one comes between me and my man” as the goddess in white waved her bubble want magically in the air. The couple said their “I do’s” and marched their way down the aisle to a sea of gatherers awaiting their congratulations.

[singlepic id=606 w=200 h=140 float=left]The night that followed was simply fairy tail. The Bride’s bouquet was caught by Jordan, the garter by her soul mate Jeff, young lovers on a path to happiness. Nothing could have ended this magical evening better. [singlepic id=608 w=200 h=140 float=right]

Big Brother behind the walls of the castle were also cast under the bewitching spell of the evening, prompting them to provide the entire party with Dom Ralph’s Champaigne. All toasted to a wonderful evening of elegance and romance. We hope you didn’t miss this exquisite and once in a lifetime experience. If you have, the night was surely recorded, and can be found as a marvelous flashback to August 2, 2011 at approximately 10:30pm. We hope you don’t become one who cheats ones soul of this glorious event.[singlepic id=604 w=200 h=140 float=left]

[singlepic id=603 w=200 h=140 float=right]To the couple, the Yak would like to extend his cup and make a toast; May you both be happy with one another always, love one another always, respect one another always, and keep your parcels off the Twitter.

To see more pictures of this stunning evening, take a look at the slideshow below. To read more about it, and to see the Yaks reactions, come join us in the forum HERE.

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