The Yak’s Interview with First Big Brother Evictee Jodi Rollins!

The Yak got a chance to chat with Jodi this morning, the first unfortunate evictee from the Big Brother House last night in a twist that had one of the 4 coaches pick who to send home. The consensus, and we let Jodi know this, is that the fans were very disappointed to see her go. We like having actual Big Brother fans in the house! We did give her our condolences for the abduct eviction.

Jodi has such a positive outlook on the whole experience…

Jodi: I was only in there for 8 hours! I knew coming into the house there was a chance I could be home very soon. I love the show, I have to take a chance. I rolled the dice and I lost bigger than any other HG in the shows history… but I tried. You have to always take chances in life.

The Yak: Were you upset about being the first evicted and with the way it happened?

Jodi:  I was devastated, I definitely cried, I wasn’t going to cry on national television, but i was devastated. I don’t regret going though!

The Yak: What did you think of the vet twist?

Jodi: Overall I felt it was unnecessary. Before they got there, it was light and fun, but we knew that would change eventually. But everything was in your hands, you got to play your own chess game. When the coaches entered, it was like remedial Big Brother where you had to wait for someone to tell you what to say and do. If they were there to play it would have been different, but I thought it was unnecessary.

The Yak: Did you know Willie was Russel Hantz’ Brother?

Jodi: In the 8 hours that we were there, that talk never came up. I liked Willie, but I had no idea he was related to Russel.

The Yak: Did you feel threatened by any of the new houseguests, before the coaches showed up?

Jodi: I knew going in that I didn’t want to go up against an Evel Dick or Russell… someone following you areound screaming or banging pots and pans, but once I met everyone there, I didn’t feel terribly threatened by any of them.

The Yak: Was there any new Houseguest that you had trouble connecting with?

Jodi: Joe made no effort to get to no me, no connection at all, I would try to talk to him and he would just… he blew me off.

The Yak: Do you think Dan’s team is in trouble now that he is down a player?

Jodi: Dan’s team is in trouble now based on who he chose. The weaker players though could possible ride on for awhile, not being a threat. The strong people that I liked were on Boogies team and Britney’s team, but that doesn’t mean they will win.

The Yak: How much time before Dan made decision?

Jodi: From the time we lost the competition to the time I was booted was maybe a half hour. As soon as we walked in the house, Dan and I talked for 12 seconds, that’s it… I told him that I really want to stay, I’m a huge fan, the other girls don’t have the wisdom about the game that I do… that was it. I don’t think I got through to him. You can feel whats going on in that house… the minute they announced the losing team would go home, the energy changed. As soon as the coached picked teams, the energy changed. I was trying to think positive but I knew I was going home. The one person that was good to me was Jenn of all people, she hugged me and cheered me on, kissed me on the forehead… no one else did that.

The Yak: Do you think your being booted had anything to do with Sexism, Ageism, Racism etc.

Jodi: For me, I don’t see it as racism. I don’t think Dan is some sort of a racist. You can’t be in that house without pre-judging and what do know about the Big Brother game? Black women don’t win, older people don’t win. (I guess I am an older person now haha) But… I’m the least threatening in the house, all the coaches knew that, so I think he went against what he actually should have done cause I was a nothing. [as far as the game goes.]

The Yak: Did you know there was a twist going in? That more people would show up?

Jodi: Shane and I started counting the beds within a half hour, so we knew there was more people coming. Also, on the memory board the way they had it set up, there was this little crack in it and I peeked in and could see there were more screens, so we figured more were coming. We didn’t know if it would be veterans or what, but we knew there was a twist coming.

The Yak: What would you have done differently with the twist if you could or what would you have hoped it would be?

Jodi: I would have liked to have seen people who left too soon come back. It would have made a more interesting show. People who went out the first few weeks kind of wrongly. People who didn’t get a shot, but didn’t make bad decisions. Not like a Keith or Lawon that got themselves kicked out, but like others who just didn’t get a chance to play the game.

The Yak: Did you even get to unpack?

Jodi: No we didn’t unpack. We came in from the competition, the bags were near the door… We had no idea. I even left barefoot. I was there a total of 8 hours!

The Yak: Does it bother you, as a Superfan, that there are people in the house now that don’t even know anything about the show?

Jodi: Not really because… I think everyone is there to play the game. What would bother me is just those that are in there to try and get famous.

The Yak: Once you saw the coaches, whose team were you hoping to be on?

Jodi: I know it’s funny and ironic now, but I wanted Dan. I thought we made a connection. We talked a lot before we went out there…

The Yak: Who do you think has the strongest chance to go all the way and who do you think may already be dead in the water?

Jodi: I think Shane is part boy next door and part go-getter? I think Joe is really nice and no one will think to get him out. I think Willie and Frank could go all the way… those are the ones that stand out in my mind. Dani, Kara and Ashley I think are dead in the water.

The Yak: After the vets came in, were you excited to see them? Any one that surprised you?

Jodi: I was actually kind of disappointed in Britney. She didn’t make any effort to get to know me, no engaging, I was disappointed. Dan talked to me, Boogie, Janelle… But Britney never really even talked to me at all.

The Yak: If you were to have stayed, who would you have liked to see evicted? Who would you have worked with, or wanted to go to the final two with?

Jodi: I would have evicted Ashley. I wouldn’t make too many enemies by getting rid of her. I would have really liked to work with Willie and Shane. Last 2, maybe someone like JoJo because she is a real polarizing figure and you need that in the final 2.

The Yak: What was your impression of the Big Brother House?

Jodi: I was so excited to actual just be there! I looked in the drawers, I looked in the couch, the decorations… are they glued down, do they work… I touched the pillows… I just touched everything! I was in the Big Brother house and I just needed to touch everything. I thought the house was well decorated and fun! I even named the rooms! I wonder if the room names will stick. I went upstairs and looked down, played with the chess set, looked in the fridge… Until I was booted it was a dream come true.

The Yak: Are you in sequester, and do you think you may get to go back in and play?

Jodi: I wouldn’t know if I get chance to come back in but I can’t say where I am. [laugh]

Thank you Jodi, it was truly a pleasure! We fans were very sad to see you go so soon!


Well what do you think? Were you disappointed in the twist that sent Jodi home so soon? Let us know below and be sure to come join us in the forum HERE!

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