Tips to win Big Brother 11!

[singlepic id=80 w=180 h=120 float=left]Have you gotten a call to be a finalist? Are you going to try out next year to be in the house? Then visit our forum to see hints and tips from seasoned Big Brother fans and feed watchers to help you win! Many of us have watched just about every season, and can tell you what works, what doesn’t, and what will get you kicked the first night. We watched the downfall of many, and the success of the few. With these strategies in hand, hopefully you will come out with the win, and then visit YakkityYaks to share in your glory! For those that don’t yet know, Jerry and Michelle from BB10 are current members here, and if you have any questions for them, there is a thread up just for that purpose! Hopefully they will provide us with some commentary on the newest HGs this season! Join us today!