Woah Woah Woah! Phil Eats Yak Meat? Say it ain’t so!

The Amazing Race’s host, Phil Keoghan has a new web series called “Phil’s Diaries”, depicting behind the scenes footage of The Amazing Race. The videos are actually very interesting. Phil, who absolutely loves to travel, is able to share all of his travel wisdom with us, as well as show us behind the scenes tidbits we would have never known.

As you know, last week in China, our Yak himself starred in one of the challenges the racers had to face, allowing the racer to ride on his back down a waterfall to receive their next clue. We saw pictures of the racers on their back, even a picture of Phil with the Yak. Well, turns out riding Yaks is not all they do over yonder in China, they also grill them! Seen below is Phil’s video diary of the trip, where he tries grilled Yak meat for the first time. We will give Phil credit here for saying that he doesn’t feel all that comfortable eating the animal he just tried to get a good shot (picture) with, but to Barry the sound guy, we say SLOW YOUR ROLL!

We are just glad that our Yak got out in time. Leave the Yak a comment below to show your appreciation for the dangerous mission he was sent on, just for the entertainment of us!

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