The Voice Fight: Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Who Won and Other Mysteries

As reported in our forum HERE on Monday, apparently there was more to The Voice finale than meets the eye. I personally had missed Monday’s episode but luckily had it recorded, so, I sat down to watch them both, back to back last night.
After reading about the tension between Adam and Christina during rehearsals Monday, it made both shows much more interesting. It was reported, by a source supposedly close to Christina, that Ms. Aguilera was quite upset at the song choice Adam was said to have picked for his finalist, “99 Problems” by Jay Z. In it, the lyric goes “I’ve got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one”, which I guess Christina took as a reference to her.

Maybe it was, but then, do you blame Lucca and Adam?

According to said source, Christina threw a fit, called it ridiculous and was highly offended. All in all, she got NBC to tell Adam  and Tony that they would have to change the song lyric from “bitch” to “chick.” Adam was not pleased saying changing the song lyric would be a death sentence. He blew up during the coach’s rehearsal… (yes, the coach’s were supposed to sing together last night) and called her a “f***ing c***.” Christina then went to production saying Adam should be fired, that she is tired of Adam being treated as “the golden boy” and she is “sick of being treated this way.” The source went on to say that “If America knew how disgusting he (Adam) was, they would be appalled.”

Adam’s fit put a halt in rehearsals supposedly, locking himself in his trailer saying he won’t do anything until this gets figured out. Christina called him “incredibly immature.”

After watching the shows, it pretty much matches the vibe.

First show, Christina critiqued Tony on his “99 Problems” song (in which he neither said “bitch” or “chick”) called it degrading to women. Ahem. Christina… really? First, why not tell that to Jay Z. Tony Lucca didn’t write it. Secondly, why not cover up those breasts a bit, or put on pants at least, before you start discussing degradation. Or better yet, here is Christina’s version of NOT being degrading to women:

Adam of course responded, telling her that it was a metaphor for life’s problems, rather than an attack on women. After a bit of a back and forth, Adam then took off his shirt to reveal a pink sparky “team xtina” shirt. Oh Adam, stop mocking poor Christina! Can anyone say awkward?

Here is the video if you missed it, including Christina’s critique:

A bit later in the show, while Tony was thanking not just his, but ALL the coaches including Christina, as the camera panned over to them, you can see Christina texting or what not on her phone rather than paying any attention to him. Way to take the high road Christina.

On to the next night. First notable, there was no coach performance. Looks like that got scrapped. Second notable… Hall and Oates jammed out their famous tune”Rich Girl” in which the word “bitch” is said over and over and over, and yet NBC allowed it. I guess Christina didn’t have a problem with it then?

Third most notable… where the hell were Christina’s pants? Did Adam take them?

Since, Christina has supposedly apologized to Lucca, but it appears the fight continues. Just a few hours ago there was another veiled tweet from Adam saying “Ignorance has this unique way of making me want to both laugh AND cry simultaneously…” Was that yet another jab at the diva? One will never know.

My personal opinion? Christina seemed to have a problem with Lucca from the get go. Just about every week was another diss from her. Was there some unsettled Mickey Mouse business going on there? Did she have a crush on him back then and he didn’t return the favor? Was he mean to her back then?

Regardless, it’s time for Christina to grow up a bit. Not everything is about her, and what is, really, shouldn’t be able to penetrate her. She has a great voice and a huge career. Why something so trivial would put her in a huff is beyond me. She takes herself way too seriously. In fact, she hasn’t been that easy to work with in the past. Little things, like before rehearsals at the Grammy’s a couple of a years ago, she was chewing gum which she proceeded to toss on the floor and have a P.A. come clean it up. It really is little things like that show you the kind of person someone is. Way too seriously, or, true diva, you decide.

Course wishing her to grow up a bit might not be what I want. Turmoil on set between Adam and Christina, while  Cee Lo just smiles and Blake tries to stir the pot a bit is a lot more fun than just watching them all kumbaya over their contestants, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for more information on the whereabouts of Christina’s pants… That one has me fascinated.

Oh and congrats Jermaine! Sorry it became all about this and not about you. Nice win though!

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