Yaks 2009: A Year in Review

Happy New Year, Yakksters!! We asked, you spoke!Click on below to see what you all have chosen at the Best (and Worst) of 2009! Thanks for voting in our polls and from all of us at the Yak, we hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!

Favorite Reality Show: Big Brother 11 (CBS) , where “the bitch aka Natalie was slain.” ~ Ahrean

Worst New TV Show: Cougartown (ABC)

Ahrean ~ “I tried watching Cougartown and realized that I’d rather handpluck Carrottop’s pubes.”

Least Deserving Reality TV Win: Natalie White, Survivor: Samoa (CBS) 

Most Deserving Reality TV Win: Russel Ferguson, So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) 

Favorite TV Show: Tie between LOST (ABC) and Glee (FOX)

Best Reality TV Show Moment: Jeff uses Coup d’Etat, Big Brother 11 (CBS)

hevnlee ~ “Even tho I knew it was coming it was the only moment that made me WOOT outloud!!!!!”

Most Shocking Reality TV Moment: Chima’s expulsion from Big Brother 11 (CBS)

Worst TV Cancellation: Without a Trace (CBS)

19Wingz ~ “Without a Trace 100%. No questions here. i still hate CBS for making that decision.”

Best Movie: The Hurt Locker

Biggest B**ch/A**hole/Doucehbag: Kanye West

Yellowdog ~ “I’m just happy that my name isn’t on the list.”

Most Intriguing Media Break: Michael Jackson, King of Pop, dies

Kristin ~ “I’m going to say Michael Jackson. Since he was getting ready to go on that huge tour, it just seemed that he was probably in great physical condition given how energetic he is on stage. It wouldn’t have shocked me if he had broken a bone or something, but him dying was something that had never even crossed my mind.”

Favorite Song: Use Somebody ~ Kings of Leon