Big Brother Heading Up to Our Northern Neighbors!

It’s about time isn’t it? The Big Brother franchise is finally headed up to Canada. Just like the U.S. version, BB Canada will pit a diverse cast of peeps living under the BB watchful eye 24/7 in a house to win some cash.

According to the Executive Producer of Big Brother Canada, John Brunton, “The franchise presents an opportunity to make serious waves north of the border. Like Captain Kirk said, ‘Boldly go where no man has gone before.’ We’ve never produced a show that shoots 24/7. Casting this program is going to be a blast.” Isn’t that true! I don’t know how many times our Canadian fans have complained about not having access to the U.S. feeds or not having their own show. It’s about darn time.

Details, for now, are sketchy, but Shaw Media has announced that the series will be airing on the 2012/2013 season in ‘Slice’.

Now our only question is… will the U.S. have access to watching it? Will the U.S. be able to buy the Canadian feeds? I sure hope so! So Canadian fans, are you excited? U.S. fans, will you tune in if you can? Leave us a comment below!

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